#TrumpVsTruth symbolizes a spiritual issue, concerning Conflict Vs Conflict-resolution. At a critical time in history, the issue of Trump Vs Truth must be used to highlight questions about character for leadership; either being ethically prepared to initiate and sustain wholesome practices, or being empowered by unethical and inadequate character to heal divisions. As this issue symbolizes self-involved identity Vs virtuous maturity, Trump Vs Truth highlights a central dilemma in human development, between: Facts used to Refine Feelings, Vs Feelings used to Deny Facts.  Generally speaking: Evil thrives on feelings being used to substitute for ethics and facts. In contrast, Wisdom reflects a strong sense of heaven, used as a tool to review, reject, forgive, and work to amend, the nonsense that hell speaks to get attention.  

          Since objective facts can stand in contrast to subjective feelings, the truth is that: The strength of our feelings can deny and defy facts that we otherwise need to grow. Consequently, Trump Vs Truth symbolizes all issues where timely perceptions for society to heal are challenged, by leaders and followers engaged in providing and consuming fictions; whereby, unwarranted conflict is nourished. For instance, regarding “climate change denial”: Truth has rapidly become “just a matter of subjective opinion” among some folks; based on deceptive leadership, that aggregates public trust with lies; not for what the public truly needs, but for a leader’s self-involved ambitions. When ethics confronts self-involved motivations for status, greed, control, sex, or dominance, solid science and virtues are regularly rejected by “strong” leadership, based on puny character.  In reference to all people in all aspects of society: In decision-making, social tensions are remedied or worsened as Facts Vs Fictions generate Conflict Vs Conflict-resolution; based on how well or how poorly individuals balance Emotion Vs Logic. Thereby, in interconnected dimensions of universal human development, as we lead or follow objective truth or “alternative facts”, our timely Vs untimely influences auger psychological influences; which can damn creative change, or magnify miraculous imagination.

          To survive psychological threats to the evolution of sustainable principles and practices for collective human development, individuals need to contemplate authentic wisdom for personal and global conflict-resolution; reflecting a timely universal philosophy and psychology for leaders and followers to heal divisions. Regarding our impacts on life as a (W)hole ®, without universal truths to deal with daily fictions:  Potentials for terror are magnified, as narrow-minded and untimely leadership engages us in following any negative path, in search of a positive outcome. Because untimely leadership ultimately ill-affects family, national, and global interactions: Hell grows when leadership by means of moral incompetence talks high, based on low motivations, and shallow understanding.  

          Regarding leadership to exceed chaos, I think it was insightful of my father to have once used the idea of being “well” as a symbol in a sermon, saying: "It is not enough for you to know that you are well, nor for others to see that you're well; but if you would encourage other sick folks, you should tell how you got well, and who treated you." Sadly, concerning the influence of my father’s character, his self-control was not that of a “well” man. On the contrary, he was comfortable to actively court attention, based on appearing to some to be genuinely fit to lead. Along one line of thought, perhaps this was due to Christ being less of a behavioral model for him than simply a focal point, good for pious ritual pulpit shows. Moreover, as symbolized in Trump Vs Truth, perhaps the authenticity of my father’s leadership for conflict-resolution was undercut, under the spell of the devils in his lies and arrogance. But, since making timely changes in our personalities is more difficult than vain self-worship, it could be said that my father's faith in Christ was at odds with itself; as when political speech is used to talk “unity”, yet act with allegiance to amplifying divisions. Then again, without seeking adequate assistance to do otherwise, perhaps my father's character projected shadows that inadequate character is helpless but to do. In that sense, I am reminded of him preaching about “the forked-tongue of original deceit”; used to infest the Garden of Eden with the death of innocence; based on using a lie to sicken sanity death. In this sense, since processes of untimely death are imposed when leaders and followers act under the control of “original deceit”, it is up to willing individuals to self-cultivate the dynamics of sage character. Thereby, ideal consciousness for leadership can evolve peace, as a practical change: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l16riInjg4 .

-Rev., Prof., Gola Wolfson Richards, B.A., Human Development Psychology, M.A., Theology;
The Book of Changes: Yin/Yang Philosophy & Psychology of Consciousness and Change

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