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Gola Wolf Richards: B.A., Human Development Psychology, M.A., Theology; Philosophy and Psychology of Consciousness and Change , -Robert E. Lane, Prof. Emeritus of Political Science, Yale University: “I have known Wolf Richards for many years and have always been impressed by his skill and wisdom in interpersonal relations.  He has an intuitive understanding of other people’s feelings and of their efforts to cope with the problems that confront them.  In my opinion Mr. Richards’ grasp of Confucian principles will give depth to his approach to conflict resolution.  He is an excellent speaker and a fine person.” -Dear Friends: If my competencies for conflict-resolution are suggested in a metaphor, the fruit to be harvested from my branch of the tree of life began in 1946; when I was born into chaotic circumstances, generated by intense emotional flux in my father’s personality.  As a Christian minister, his faith…

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