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Psychology for Global Conflict-Resolution

Gola Wolf Richards: B.A., Human Development Psychology, @GolaWolf
M.A., Theology; Philosophy and Psychology of Consciousness and Change ,
“I have known Wolf Richards for many years and have always been impressed by his skill and wisdom in interpersonal relations. …In my opinion Mr. Richards’ grasp of Confucian principles will give depth to his approach to conflict resolution…” Robert E. Lane, Prof. Emeritus of Political Science, Yale University
Dear Friends: For the sake of global conflict-resolution, I would be honored to have you watch my TEDxDirigo talk:, concerning Yin/Yang Psychology & Philosophy. My work relates to C.G. Jung saying“It is high time we realized that it is pointless to praise the light & preach it if nobody can see it. (Therefore) It is much more needful to teach people “THE ART OF SEEING."In that regard, if my competencies for conflict-resolu…

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